Developments on the mainline projects

Our flagship Mainline Rail route has now changed, and the Westbury – Birmingham service option has morphed into Taunton – Nuneaton, in order to take account of higher trip generation rates. We are currently putting together package of materials to underpin the Track Access Application, including Demand Forecast and a description of the safety management system, supported by a detailed operational analysis.

Our first objective is to meet the advance assurances specified by Network Rail. We believe we have made good progress on all of these, including:

• Putting in place a professional, experienced and broad-based management team

• Showing that the route will be able to operate profitably within four years

• Having a credible plan for recruitment and operations

• Setting up a bond guarantee for Network Rail

• Confirming insurance cover for whole service

• Gaining commitment from a supplier to secure suitable rolling stock

• Preparing a detailed, industry-standard operating procedure

Development of ultra light rail/local services

GO-OP’s Ultra Light Rail project continues to show progress. We have evaluated likely demand for the service and have high confidence of profitability in several locations. We’ve also received several approaches from interested partners and are currently investigating all opportunities. At present, we are still unable to confirm access to any of the potential routes under consideration and so this is a major priority for action.

Collaboration is key to the success of this project and we would welcome approaches from partners who can facilitate access to local lines to continue with trials of the Ultra Light Rail service. Please contact info@go-op.coop to discuss further.