Who can join? Anyone!

If you care about local communities, if you are passionate about the environment, if you want to fight for better public transport, if you just want to get from a to b, join GO-OP.

As a co-operative we have open and voluntary membership, and you can join anytime. GO-OP is a multi-stakeholder co-operative. Our mission is:

"to facilitate the provision of inclusive public transport services of high quality in order to reduce the social and environmental impacts of transport"

and we aim to:

• provide passengers with a high quality public service

• provide employees with secure and flexible employment, and the opportunity to develop skills and confidence

• provide investors with an opportunity to invest in a sustainable business that benefits the community

There are three categories of membership: passengers, employees and investors. Each member will have one vote, but a controlling proportion of the votes will always be in the hands of the passengers.

Please contact the GO-OP Secretary for a Membership Application Form at