Investment in GO-OP



We are entering a critical phase for GO-OP if we are to realise our long held ambition to operate trains within the next 18 months. This is where you as a prospective traveller and / or social investor come in; we must raise these funds to bring GO-OP to life and start operating trains as a commercial venture.

GO-OP issues full-risk, withdrawable share capital. This earns interest at a rate sufficient to attract and retain investment, and cannot be transferred at a profit. The use of such par value shares is common practice for mutual societies as it protects both enterprises and investors from damaging speculative fluctuations in share price.

So far, GO-OP's working capital has been built up from a large number of small investments, most having the benefit of EIS tax relief. We expect to prepare an offer document for a further round of investment when we have gained assurance of the necessary consents and approvals: until then, further investment would be very high risk. For this reason, while members can subscribe more than the minumum requirement, we would need to ask a few questions of anyone investing more than £2000 at this stage, to ensure that they are experienced investors.

For a membership application form, please see the 'join' page.